Thursday, 15 January 2015

PhonikPhilosophy Classics Triple Header: #Throwback Projection version 7, 8 & 9

I'm back with the classics and this time I'm dishing out 3 classic mixes for your enjoyment.
I loosely release version 7 on my facebook page and i realised that i was breaching my own protocol in terms of posting my mixes online. In terms of version 8 it's a collection of couple of my all time favourites with a touch of soul in it surely to bring back memories. As for version 9 I had to dig deep with this one and dish out a full midtempo mix which I recorded back in 2012 intended for PhonikPhilosophy episode 3 before my previous laptop was stolen so i managed to recover it and now up for download strictly for those who remember when these tracks were sizzling back in the day. So here it is my #Throwback Triple Mix for the new year.... #Letsgooo


#Throwback Projection version 7

1. Spiritchasers - These Tears (Est8 Piano Mix) [2010]
2. Adele - Hometown Glory (Axwell Remix) [2008]
3. Markus Gardeweg - Fairplay (Let There Be Love) [2009]
4. Steve Angello, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke - Leave The World Behind [2009]
5.Jerah - Cry, Kill, Die [2009]
6. Art Jones ft. Tshedi - Listen With Your Soul [2007]

#Throwback Projection version 8

1. Magic Number ft. Jane Hamilton - Fly Away [2004]
2. Alex Gopher - The Child (Kenny Dope Main Mix) [2000]
3. Lorayne - Something About You (Rocco's Vocale Mix) [2006]
4. Dr. Rockit - Cafe de Flore (Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix) [2001]
5. Presence - Better Day (Bookworm Dub) [1997]
6. Mood II Swing - All Night Long [1997]

#Throwback Projection version 9

1. DJ Antoine - Visit Me (DJ Antoine's Bassline Mix) [1999]
2. Montano vs. The Trumpet Man - Itza Trumpet Thing [1998]
3. Rhythmcentric - Come To Me [1999]
4. Mousse T - Ooh Song [1999]
5. Les Indiscretes - Mob Hunter [1998]

Download #TBP_7                           Download #TBP_8                                    Download #TBP_9

Monday, 12 January 2015

PhonikPhilosophy Double Header: Episode 14 & Episode 15

Happy New Year guys. I'm actually shocked that I managed to upload a mix as early as January but hey it's here and today I'm posting two mixes. One of the mixes I was supposed to post a very long time ago sooo I decided to post it just to give you some memories of 2014. So yes PhonikPhilosophy is back and I hope you enjoy what I'm going to provide to you in 2015 soooo #letsgooooo


Episode 14

1. Matthew Herbert - Leave Me Now
2. Chymamusique - Train To London
3. Jaguar Paw ft. Stephanie Cooke - Journey of Love
4. Kaleido & House Victimz ft. Bonj - Uthando
5. Emoboys - Silence Speaks Volumes
6. Jaguar Paw ft. Denny Dugg - Dream Girl
7. Nkokhi - Keep Going
8. Nick Holder - The Love Vibration
9. Nastee Nev ft. Robert Owens - One With The Dance (0808 Sweetsoul Main Mix)
10. Louie Vega Presents Anane - Ma Mi Mama (FreeFrom U Heirs Vox Mix)

Episode 15

1. The Realm - One Chance (Eric Ericksson Dub)
2. Sean McCabe - Tommorow's Another Day
3. Lilac Jeans - Radio Cassette
4. Nastee Nev ft. Dana Byrd - Move
5. Monodeluxe - Not Give Away
6. Jazzuelle - The Access Point
7. Dario D'Attis ft. Lisa Shaw - All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix)
8. The Tortoise - Last Night (Genius of Time Remix)
9. 9Lives - If This World Were Mine
10. Atjazz ft. OVEOUS - Soldiers
11. Martin Iveson - Cobra (Original Demo)

Download Episode 14                             Download Episode 15