Saturday, 19 November 2016

Enter The Philosopher's Room 7

This was episode 221 of Wez Champion's Love Saves The Day Podcast. I was guest mix on the show. The was no longer online now so I decided to bring it back. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Borrowed Identity - Nothing or All
  2. Nuno Estevez - Music From God
  3. G.Family - DJs For Free
  4. Deep Boyz & Byron Stingily - Father (Frankie Feliciano Classic NYC Instrumental)
  5. Ralf Gum ft. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love (Eric Ericksson Bigga Bingham Rework)
  6. Ralf Gum ft. Kafele Bandele - Complicated (Main Mix)
  7. Tortured Soul - Home To You (Ethan White Remix)
  8. Nomalungelo Dladla - Imiyalo (The Antidotes Chill Out Mix)
  9. Chieko Kinbara & Josh Milan - Just Like Love (Charles Webster Main Remix)
  10. Karizma - The Power
  11. Bodhi - WUH

The #Throwback Projection version 24

Back at again with the house classics and this mix takes me on the journey to pretty much where I am now. Brought back unforgettable memories. Hope you enjoy these selections.


  1. Syren - My First Love (Frankie Feliciano Alternative Vocal Mix) [2007]
  2. Marc Evans - Given Me Joy [2007]
  3. Julie McKnight - Home (Knee Deep Dub Mix) [2002]
  4. Harrison Crump - Ride [2004]
  5. Stereophonik Mashup
    1. - DJ Kent ft. Danny K - Made To Love (Instrumental) [2010]
    2. - UPZ ft. DKP - Pure Surprise (Acapella) [2007]
    3. - Smurf & Perry - Lovin' You [2001]
    4. - DJ Kent ft. Relo - Fall In Love Again (Acapella) [2010]
    5. - DJ Clock - DnB Beat [2010]

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Enter The Philosopher's Room 6

This mix was a long time coming. After what had happened after getting robbed and with all my artworks stolen in the process I wasn't so sure if I was able to continue but fortunately I was associated with optimistic people and fans that encouraged me to go on and although I had to start from scratch in terms of collecting music. I managed to recover some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy these selections

Tracklist will be updated soon

The #Throwback Projection version 23: Tribute To Atjazz Part.1

It's been a while since I posted a mix but it feels good to back to doing what I love and that is dishing out some good music. On the 7th of October I'll be sharing the decks with Legendary UK DJ/Producer Martin Iveson aka Atjazz at House 22 in Pretoria. I felt it was only fitting to do a tribute. There was a lot tracks to select from yet I also tried not adding the biggest hits. This is a 2 30min part mix and part 2 I will upload soon I hope you enjoy these selections


  1. Atjazz - Dry Red Line [2001]
  2. Boddhi Satva, Athenai, C. Robert Walker - Who Am I (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) [2010]
  3. Mi Casa - La Vida (Atjazz Remix) [2012]
  4. Atjazz - For Real (Atjazz Remix) [2011]
  5. Atjazz & Mark de Clive-Lowe - Sweat No Sleep (Club Mix) [2010]

Friday, 19 August 2016

The #Throwback Projection version 22

It's that time of the week again. This was one of those mixes that took me back to the time I was doing road trips with my mom. Hope you enjoy these selections.


  1. Kem - Heaven (Marlon D & Groove Assassins Club Mix) [2007]
  2. Rodamaal - Love Island (Latin Lover Mix) [2002]
  3. Motorcitysoul ft. Onejiru - [Potelea] Mbali (Basic Mix) [2006]
  4. Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini - Juju [2009]
  5. KenLou III - What a Sensation [1996]
  6. Halo - Keep Reaching (Instrumental) [1997]

Monday, 15 August 2016

Enter The Philosopher's Room 5

Back at it again with the philosopher's room. This mix is full of various selections of deep house . hope you enjoy the selections


  1. Si Tew ft. Amy Scott - Slow Everything
  2. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Running In The Streets (Charles Webster Mix One)
  3. Roy Ayers - Sugar (The Reflex Instrumental)
  4. Lay-Far - Lock and Rock 
  5. Ian Pooley - Piha
  6. Oscar P, Lea - Joburg
  7. Ed-Ward - Help You Understand (My World)
  8. Aera - Krystal Close 
  9. Langenberg, Blakkat - Shadows

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Episode 28: PhonikPhilosophy The Podcast

I'm back after a series of delays and guest mix appearances I've finally found time to finish this episode and I hope y'all enjoy these selections 


  1. Esteble - Feathers
  2. Azari & Lii - Reckless With Your Love (Good Guy Mikesh & Filbert Remix)
  3. Ree Morris - My Piano (Rocco Deep Mix)
  4. Kid Fonque - Bossa Over (Ta-Ice Remix)
  5. S3A - Antois Benime (Austral Parc)
  6. Laurence Guy - Thinking of You
  7. Urban Musique - Plain Lies
  8. Alicia Keys - In Common (Kenny Dope Extended Mix)
  9. James Benedict - When You're Back (Studioheist Remix)
  10. K'zela & Stylish DJ ft. Aries Aquarius - Love And Passion (Dafro's Venom)
  11. DJ Aakmael - 13th Mood